A unique plug and play technology to create a safe and touchless ordering experience

Adaptable on most existing Kiosk solutions

Fast and reactive touchless experience

Safe customer journey
No contamination contact

Transform any existing screen into an interactive device

Supported OSWorks on Windows 10, Linux Ubuntu.
Distance from the screenAir-Click uses a “parralel plane” IR concept that enables to control the screen from approximately 3 cm
RequirementsAir-Click is a standard USB Plug & Play solution. It only requires a USB 2 port connection.
Adaptability on standard screensAir-click enables any conventional screen device into a touch interactive screen (or surface).
DesignAir-Click’s design can be customized specifically in accordance with brand requirements in case of volume purchase.

Air-Click is a Air-click is a registered brand developed by Merim Groupe.

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